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Captona Releases Thought Leadership Piece on Hydrogen

By News, Press

NEW YORKJuly 25, 2022 — Captona’s Managing Partner and Founder, Izzet Bensusan, releases Thought Leadership piece providing an overview and outlook on Hydrogen.

We are excited about the diversity of applications for hydrogen, especially when looking at the global transition to a cleaner energy economy. This article aims to harness our enthusiasm and shares insight into how impactful hydrogen– and emerging development of green hydrogen– will be in the upcoming decades.

Key Article Insights:

  • Currently, hydrogen is used globally as an industrial feedstock, with 98% of hydrogen production coming from fossil fuels
  • Green hydrogen can replace gray hydrogen in current industrial use, provide alternative fuels for the transportation sector, and support the transition to a 100% clean energy grid
  • Clean hydrogen factors into nearly all net-zero carbon pathways, and thirty-nine countries have already established hydrogen strategies
  • A significant capital gap still exists between the current $160 billion in direct investments for the hydrogen supply chain and what’s projected to be needed to reach a net-zero carbon economy by 2050

Captona Announces Third Fuel Cell Acquisition with South Jersey Industries in its Catamaran Renewables JV

By News, Press

NEW YORK, June 29, 2021 — Captona announces the acquisition of its third fuel cell project, in partnership with South Jersey Industries (NYSE: SJI) subsidiary, Marina Energy, through its Catamaran Renewables joint venture. We continue to be leaders in the global energy transition through our investments in clean, sustainable energy.

This 5 MW late-stage development fuel cell project, located in Bronx, New York, is currently under construction and scheduled to be placed into service later this year. With this investment, Captona’s fuel cell portfolio grows to 12.5 MW, all of which serves clean, sustainable, and reliable power to the New York metropolitan area. Captona is expanding its Asset Management and O&M teams to continue to provide close oversight of its portfolio and optimize returns.

Catamaran Renewables acquired this fuel cell project from NineDot Energy, a renewable energy developer based in the NYU Urban Future Lab cleantech incubator in Brooklyn, NY.

“We are excited to see the very rapid growth of our joint venture, Catamaran Renewables, with South Jersey Industries, whose team continues to be one of Captona’s most trusted partners. With this acquisition, Captona continues to build a diversified power fleet focused on serving and advancing the clean energy transition,” said Izzet Bensusan, Captona’s Managing Partner and Founder. “We are investing in cutting-edge technologies spanning Fuel Cell, Renewable Natural Gas, and Green Hydrogen while continuing to expand capital deployment in maturing sectors like Solar, Wind, and Battery Storage.”

Catamaran brings over 1.3 GW of combined operational experience and has financed over $1 billion in renewable energy transactions. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of the energy transition through our investments spanning technologies, including solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and fuel cell.
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About Captona

Captona is a North America-focused energy transition investment company specializing in power generation and energy infrastructure assets. The Firm actively pursues risk-adjusted returns from acquisitions of operating and development assets within the North American power sector and aims to create value through technical and financial restructuring.

Captona Forms Catamaran Renewables, a Joint Venture with South Jersey Industries; Announces 7.5 MW Fuel Cell Portfolio Acquisition in New York

By News, Press

Captona, a North America-focused investment company specializing in power generation and energy infrastructure assets, today announced the formation of Catamaran Renewables (Catamaran), a 50/50 joint venture between Captona and SJI (NYSE: SJI) subsidiary Marina Energy, to develop, own and operate renewable energy projects.

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