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NEW YORKJuly 25, 2022 — Captona’s Managing Partner and Founder, Izzet Bensusan, releases Thought Leadership piece providing an overview and outlook on Hydrogen.

We are excited about the diversity of applications for hydrogen, especially when looking at the global transition to a cleaner energy economy. This article aims to harness our enthusiasm and shares insight into how impactful hydrogen– and emerging development of green hydrogen– will be in the upcoming decades.

Key Article Insights:

  • Currently, hydrogen is used globally as an industrial feedstock, with 98% of hydrogen production coming from fossil fuels
  • Green hydrogen can replace gray hydrogen in current industrial use, provide alternative fuels for the transportation sector, and support the transition to a 100% clean energy grid
  • Clean hydrogen factors into nearly all net-zero carbon pathways, and thirty-nine countries have already established hydrogen strategies
  • A significant capital gap still exists between the current $160 billion in direct investments for the hydrogen supply chain and what’s projected to be needed to reach a net-zero carbon economy by 2050
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